Online Programmes

We have a range of programmes delivered online, so you can continue to manage your working and family commitments, whilst developing your education and career at a global level.

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Certificate and Postgraduate diplomas in Healthcare

Our internationally recognised programmes in healthcare are recognised by the British National Health Service as a route to working in the United Kingdomas a healthcare assistant or a qualified nurse.

Undergraduate degrees 

We have accredited three year programmes in business, management and law.


Why not study while you are working full-time?

Postgraduate degrees

We deliver a range of accredited vocational postgraduate degrees in business, management and law. Develop your career with an MBA, LLM, MSc or even a doctorate degree.

Accredited English Language Examinations

Why not take one of our accredited ESOL examinations.


These programmes are developed and delivered by our partner, Aplsey Business School, London

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